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My name is Claire, and I have done many years of my life travelling. I have spent all which doing my best to document my best trips and adventures. I often found that when I am travelling I am able to experience places beyond social media and attempt to learn their authenticities and I would like to share that with you. I am a university student who is desired to explore my creative capabilities within the media space. My essence online should reflect that, and I wish to establish a place where I can be creative share my findings, and learn more to fully create a page to have a community. I am looking forward to sharing this with you, amongst my other classmates and in the future, I will be providing posts sharing my journey of making this blog. you will also see posts that are related to airlines, hotels, resorts, travel deals, photography etc.

I hope to use this site as an outlet to share my knowledge as well as the photography that I have captured. I have travelled all throughout North America, some parts of South America as well as Europe, and I hope to see more of the other continents someday soon.

I first started travelling and taking photos when I was 11 years old, doing so with the help of my family. One of the first places that I travelled to outside of Canada and the United States, was Mexico, where I visited Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and the Mayan Rivera. I visited many excursions and discovered natural resources, food and culture.


In this photo above, I was visiting Santorini, Greece, in August of 2022 where I tried many kinds of traditional food, visited important cities and took part in many experiences that the Greek islands had to offer

In my future posts, I hope to reach people with similar interests and work to create a foundation for people to turn to when thinking of travelling to particular places.

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