PUB 101

Peer Review 2

Peer review 2  The site, is a literature-sharing site that demonstrates a very creative outlook and is a very interesting way to share stories.  The website itself chooses a simple yet very aesthetic blue theme that is related to the idea of a midnight/ night theme.  The first post that I would like to …

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Process Post 6

This week I will be considering design elements that differ between popular websites that I frequently visit. The Travel blog, “The Adventure Junkies uses many design elements that I also use or will implement in the future. This week I have been working to establish categories and allow for a clear navigation menu for my …

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webpage of the perfume blog, black font, white background

Peer Review 1

The perfume blog,, by Brianna Park, allows for insightful reviews of perfumes and provides insights for people to help find the perfume that best suits them. Her blog is a unique space where Brianna shares her interests and even matches the scents to people’s specific energies. While reviewing her site I began to notice …

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