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Process Post 8

hroughout the creative process of my site, I have very often taken inspiration from a variety of places also within the online space. This week in class, we spent time discussing copyright, creative commons, as well as what it looks like to share content online that may be un-original.  The article, Canada: You Say Tomaydo , …

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Process Post 6

This week I will be considering design elements that differ between popular websites that I frequently visit. The Travel blog, “The Adventure Junkies uses many design elements that I also use or will implement in the future. This week I have been working to establish categories and allow for a clear navigation menu for my …

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Process Post 4

I hope this blog can reach an audience that is creative and seeks to experience many types of cultures. This audience seeks to learn insights that may not be available on typical travel sights and wants the “insider’s scoop”. Thus, when making edits I want to include personal information that I found the most helpful …

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