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Peer Review 1

The perfume blog, http://blogwithbrianna.com/, by Brianna Park, allows for insightful reviews of perfumes and provides insights for people to help find the perfume that best suits them. Her blog is a unique space where Brianna shares her interests and even matches the scents to people’s specific energies. While reviewing her site I began to notice just how big the perfume world is.

So far, Brianna has an about page and some perfume reviews, I am looking forward to seeing what posts she releases next on her blog. Through looking at her pages, I concluded that there are many elements of self-presentation commonly found on many personal blogs, “self-presentation is goal-directed and is performed for an audience, and the success of one’s self-presentation is measured by whether or not the audience accepts this performance” (Schlenker, 1985 as cited by Erin E., 2021). 

The post, What’s so special about ANOTHER13 by Le Labo? Does a specific review of the ANOTHER 13 by Le Labo perfume? First, she begins by noting the origins of the perfume itself and speaking to the characteristics of the perfume brand and other product lines. Brianna says, “Each label is personalized with the date and place of the formulation, and a message is chosen by the client” which mentions how the brand could be considered a luxury as it caters to each client through its labels. Those who wear perfume may change it out based on the season which could allow for further elaborations on Brianna’s blog because she could do subcategories about perfume based on the season/weather. I appreciate how each post about specific perfumes has review categories, “top notes, middle notes, base notes, seasons, and hours”. Though the answers may be different for each and every perfume, this creates a standardization for each perfume when reviewing. Thus, creating an honest and authentic review. Finally, her post mentions many aspects surrounding the reputation of her perfume and also talks about the inclusivity of the perfume based on gender, day-to-day use, and long-term use. Furthermore, her review allows even beginners to the perfume world to have an understanding of each perfume that she reviews.

Overall, the editing of this page so far has been done very well, with limited grammar errors and pleasant aesthetic photos and informative infographics. While she continues to edit her blog, I would possibly include more organization of pages and work to create more content. 

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