Peer Review 2

Peer review 2 

The site, is a literature-sharing site that demonstrates a very creative outlook and is a very interesting way to share stories. 

The website itself chooses a simple yet very aesthetic blue theme that is related to the idea of a midnight/ night theme. 

The first post that I would like to mention in relation to design is the mini 4 assignment, remix, where they take a short story that was already available on the site and turned it into some digital artwork. This blog site is a unique space that truly lets the design and theme elements shine.

So Far, there are many short stories, poetry, and other PUB course material available on the website. One of the design elements that I noticed was the use of minimalism, which can be a very helpful tool for readers, especially in the storytelling scenario. I think that the minimalist approach lets readers become comfortable with the site and allows for a clear distinction between work. The only thing that I would suggest adding, in this case, would be to include a sliding bar for some posts as some of them are on a vertical scale and require a significant amount of scrolling.

The next design element that I was made aware of was the use of images, while very helpful, they can really bring some o the posts altogether and help the readers imagine what the writer is talking about. For example, her process posts use images for the reader, but next time I may work on making more of them of similar size and line them up with the text.

The post, “Week 8 AI Art” is a very interesting and insightful process post, the design element that I most appreciated was the image, which was very related to what the post was talking about. This is a great example of a post that uses images to display a message and seamlessly implements it into the design.

Furthermore, the design elements used in this blog, are very creative and have a great impact when trying to portray the theme and contribute to the overall success of this blog. This blog uses, images, aesthetics, colour schemes, and much more to overall have an obvious design pattern all throughout the contents of the blog.

the overall layout of the blog as well, in addition, the media integration is a very helpful tool for readers and will keep them coming back for more.

the only suggestion I have is to incorporate more cohesiveness between images and keep up with the amazing typography. 

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