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I often spend quite a bit of time communicating online, frequently without any fear of judgment or rejection, this may be because it is easy to avoid people online. These virtual interactions allow us to escape face-to-face confrontation, and while many of us missed these face-to-face conversations during the high waves of Covid-19, for many it can be a nerve-racking and anxiety-ridden experience. 

However, I would argue that many people, myself included, try their best to put the best impression of them forward as anything that one may post or share online can be seen forever and is tracible. While yes, I feel more courage to talk to more people and reach out, I also feel immense pressure to make the best possible impression as I am worried what I choose to share may have some negative effect in the future. 

Recently, I approached a stranger on the sky train while commuting to school. I began the conversation with an anecdote to hopefully strike up a longer conversation and create a connection. During an online interaction, I would argue that they are often short-lived, I might argue that since virtually, we have so many alternatives to full sentences (emoticons, memes, gifs, abbreviations etc.) the interactions remain quite short. Online, it is not difficult to hide who we are, in an in-person setting we are limited to other characteristics but our own in comparison to these two contexts I believe that I am more of an authentic version of myself.  

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