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This week in class, I learned how to grow your audience through analytics, and though I may not be fully aware of all the techniques needed to encourage the increase of rankings of my website, I am eager to learn.  

In the length of this post, I would like to discuss how impactful some of these techniques may be beneficial to my site.  

The first idea that I would like to discuss is google analytics, this plug-in will allow me to receive insights about my sites and how my audience is specifically interreacting with my content. With the addition of the Google Analytics, I will then be able to draw conclusions about the best way to engage with my audience.  

The article, State of Mobile (2022) by discusses the activity on phones, in today’s online metropolitan economic system, that is theoretically built on the capitalistic uses of many digital creators and owners. The article shares data of the uses of specific uses of “The Mobile Landscape”, and the way which user data can be beneficial to many major companies such as, Google, Snapchat, Visa and many other successful companies. Without the help of user data, these companies may have a very challenging time understanding their audiences and may struggle to push out content that their audience may likely interact with.  

The State of Mobile article also contains studies about “Macro Mobile Trends” which can be beneficial for gaming companies. The “partnership with has helped us better navigate the gaming market, providing us insight and assistance in the decision-making process”, thus allowing for more insightful choices made for the benefit of the company. 

In summary, the use of data tracking can be invasive, however, it can be extremely beneficial for companies when attempting to study the audiences that they are trying to attract and engage with. Though this can be attributed to the desire for capital gain in society, this is a particularly useful tool, especially for non-profit or start-up companies trying to build an audience or client base.

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