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This week, I would like to discuss how community guidelines may impact someone’s site and the guidelines that I would like to incorporate into my site.

The first community guideline that I would like to include on my site is the acknowledgement of copyright regulations, I would like my site to be a place where people can share content, however, I would like the word of others to be credited and acknowledged.

Another guideline that I would like to include is that this website is a space where people can safely share content without fear of judgment.

Understanding and respect of people’s boundaries and privacy

The protection of people’s personal information for the means of safety

In the future, I will be adding more guidelines, but here, is the start of the community I am starting to build with my site within travel content sharing.

Online community guidelines are put in place in order to protect others. Hate comments may have serious implications on one’s mental health, the article, The Psychology of Online Comments, written by Maria Konnikova (2013), establishes just how impactful the words that people say online may be. The online world can have many problems:

“One of the most common critiques of online comments cites a disconnect between the commenter’s identity and what he is saying, a phenomenon that psychologist John Suler memorably termed the “online disinhibition effect.” The theory is that the moment you shed your identity the usual constraints on your behaviour go, too” (2013).

This anonymous persona that many hateful commentators take on can be very harmful to one’s mental health and these guidelines may not encourage the reduction of anonymous comments but the guidelines may influence a more positive comment stream.

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