Process Post 4

I hope this blog can reach an audience that is creative and seeks to experience many types of cultures. This audience seeks to learn insights that may not be available on typical travel sights and wants the “insider’s scoop”. Thus, when making edits I want to include personal information that I found the most helpful when travelling and make that information as accessible as possible to viewers. I wish to create a space that represents a community that can be set apart from typical travel blogs and establish a foundation for information

It can be quite challenging to travel if someone was to travel alone as well that would even more difficult, not to say that it is not doable, however, there are many considerations that need to be made. My site should help travellers do so with greater ease and help them find the information that could be hidden away on mainstream travel sites.

I would like to engage with a counter public, as there are already many popular travel websites out there and many people are looking for information that you cannot find generally without experience.

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