Process Post 5

The main goal of this week is to make our sites accessible. Which I believe is extremely important as I would like for my content to reach an inclusive audience for all to be able to access and enjoy.

I first began by including ALT text on my photographs, this allows people who are visually impaired to understand what may be happening in the pictures.

Now that I know the audience that I am trying to reach I am now able to make editorial adjustments with that in mind. I now select photos that reflect the colour scheme I am trying to promote based on where the picture was taken, for example, for my Greece photos, I selected photos that had some white and blue. As you can see below:

In the future, I hope to make more posts that reflect my best editing interest for the sake of my audience.

I will also now start to upload photo diaries from some of my travels, which I will curate depending on location, length of post and much more.

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