Process Post 6

This week I will be considering design elements that differ between popular websites that I frequently visit.

The Travel blog, “The Adventure Junkies uses many design elements that I also use or will implement in the future.
  • The opposite colours, give highlights to the images.
  • The divided categories, allow for clear direction
  • the search bar allows for clear navigation

This week I have been working to establish categories and allow for a clear navigation menu for my audience. This way viewers can get where they need to go easily and simply enjoy the content with little delays.

I really liked how this website has extremely applicable resources, many videos, images, links to shops, and many other helpful links and resources.

I also greatly appreciate how this site has a photography section much like the one I have included on my site. The Adventure Junkies website uses an approachable colour set that is aesthetic, and they have a design template and flow.

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