Process Post 9

This week, I am working to understand and adapt ideas, that may help to benefit my site, doing so by monitoring the analytics of the site itself.  

The speaker, Trevor Battye, from Clevers Media came into our class to discuss monetization and discusses different ways in which you may be able to make money from them, however, this is not possible without gaining a strong audience 

Through google analytics, you are able to select keywords in order to attract people to your site through specific niches. Instead of choosing words that are vague and tied to larger categories, it may be superior to select words with a strong audience but may be slightly more specific in order to create a niche and impactful audience.  

Throughout this week I have also spent time making certain design choices on my site to allow for a clearer cohesive theme as per the feedback that I have been given. Currently, I have choices to remain within a more distinct colour palette and I have also decided that when I choose images, to also have them shaped in similar sizes and dimensions. 

Another choice that I have made this week is t additionally connect my site with a social media platform to then allow for more connections, I have set up an Instagram page, which I will be posting sneak peeks at my site, pictures and any posts that I think will further benefit the creation and finished product of the website itself.  

Now that I have decided to take a more collaborative approach, I am now able to focus on overall cohesiveness and also attempt to make my website a place that can be reached through multiple platforms and additionally create a larger online footprint. The addition of a larger online footprint creates more opportunities to reach larger audiences and establish more room to take many different routes in order to make more content and begin to build a community possibly with other creators on different platforms to furthermore allow for collaborations.

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